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The Adventures of Peanut Butter, Jelly and Jerome Series – Guest Author for the Month of March 2014


Grandpa Fred is one benevolent client. He dearly loves his grandchildren and made them the main characters of this very exciting Adventure Series. Kids, hold on and fasten your seat belt – start this amazing adventure with Magical and Incredible Shrinking Giraffe named Jerome. What awaits can be unveiled by reading this e-book. Coming soon at Amazon Kindle.

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Pavel the Pony – Guest Author for the Month of February 2014



Pavel the Pony storybook is my favorite work of art. What makes it my favorite is that the main character is a horse. His name is Pavel. He is still a pony but has learnt the most vital lesson in life. In celebration for the year 2014, the year of the horse according to Chinese Horoscope, let join and check out this wonderful story of Pavel.


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Hector and the Magic Chicken – Guest Author for the Month of February 2014


One of the best stories that I have read and have given the honor to illustrate is “Hector and the Magic Chicken”. Upon reading this book, I am moved by its story of inspiration, diligence and most of all Faith in God. Anyone who believes in Him will be truly blessed. Awaiting for its publishing date and the link will be published here as soon as it is available.

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I Wish I Live at the Zoo and Under the Sea – Guest Author for the month of January 2014


Mrs Debbie Madson from Madson Web Publisher created several books for kids. You can check her amazon books from this link:

These two new books entitled I Wish I Live at the Zoo and Under the Sea have beautifully colored illustrations that will certainly entertain your kids. Take a way their boredom and enjoy these books about animals at the zoo and creatures living under the sea.

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Lights Out – Guest Author for the Month of December 2013


Greatest Client award goes to Kathy Fond Riddle. As my client, she is extremely generous. When we say “generous”, she is very kind when communicating; she is very good in giving instruction – very well-described; she is appreciative of your work; very supportive with encouraging words. With all my gratitude, I would like to take this opportunity to thank her. So, aside from her being generous, she has written the most sensible and heavy-weight mission story book of all time. With the advent of fatal calamities that happened recently, she has a great desire to educate the children as well as grown-up to be prepared when there is a light out. There are several essential things that she pointed out in the book. Surely, it is a BIG MUST READ book for all the generations to come.

Princess Ellie Goes Swimming – Guest Author for the Month of November 2013

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I got new generous client named Ms Kerry Thurrowgood who has a beautiful daughter – Shiloh. She is the author of the story of this beautiful book about the monkey princess named Ellie. A story about how being brave doesn’t mean you don’t get scared, but that you still try even though you are scared. Princess Ellie is a very lucky monkey. When she goes to pool for the first time, she is afraid. Will she overcome her fear and go swimming ?”


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