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Guest Authors are Welcome!

At Netcreations, all Authors are welcome to promote their books here. Feel free to send me email at and I will surely accommodate you here.

Guest No. 1: Ms. Karen Lee

I will present my first guest and her first book. Ms Karen Lee has written a book for children entitled Casey at the Window. As soon as it will be published, its link will be posted here.

Guest No. 2: Raine Parsons

“My books are Everpearl, Love and Quilts and A SQUIRRELS TALE.”

Guest No. 3: Sarah Carter

“My book is a young adult fantasy, I’ve only just published it.

Harriet (Harry) Lawson is a feisty 17-year-old girl who finds her life is about to change dramatically when her mother inherits Domus Inter – a grand house in Wales – from a mysterious man called Jack Lloyd. But after her family moves to Domus Inter, Harry soon realises the changes will be far more drastic than she had thought when Jack Lloyd’s solicitor and a disturbing young man who calls himself Mord take a special interest in her. The two men tell her an unbelievable tale – of murder, and another world, and a magic pendant called the True Heart.

Harry has never felt like she belongs in this world, and she is about to find out why. Not knowing what to believe or who to trust, Harry’s desire to discover her true identity will embroil her in a conflict as old as memory. The legends of this world are the prophecies of another…but have they been interpreted wrongly?”

Guest No. 4: 

“Snaggler’s Paradise

Stuffed shirts, bureaucrats, crooked politicians and stilted businessmen, along with the rest, loosen up the ties, pour the margaritas, and take the first flight out to paradise. In Jeff Davis’s comical satire, whether its modern love or everyday business at the grind, the ducks are in the water and under fire, and not even a serial killer with a fetish for pineapple breeze air freshener is safe.

With its acid edge and wicked humor, Jeff Davis’s rapid fire depiction of bureaucracy gone wild digs underneath the fingernails of the typical blue-collar worker, satirizing both modern-day relationships and business life. Specifically, if we can’t stand our jobs and families, live for the day to escape!

Luckless in love and working a dead-end job, Jack Snaggler thinks his fortune is about to change when he meets a drop dead gorgeous brunette named Paradise at a local bar. But when a shady fast food chef at a fleabag diner vanishes and coworkers start disappearing, Jack is framed for murder. If he wants to stay alive long enough to ever see Paradise again, he’ll first need to escape a conspiracy, that at each turn, involves almost everyone he knows.

Promotions on Wed. and Thurs.”

Guest No. 5: Alisha Bagnato

“Novelist Mina Zanavaras didn’t realize the consequences of turning her back on her writing and now horrors once confined to a writer’s imagination are leaking into our realm.

A door is opening to our world and the once page-bound characters are beginning to cross over. When an evil character from one of her unfinished stories appears on her doorstep, he warns her that something far more evil is on the verge of crossing the threshold in search of a human vessel to inhabit.

Can Mina and Dante work together to find these evil demons in time to stop them?”

Guest No. 6: Andrew Beery

“The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles #1, Inception

CKC is a pure Science Fiction series following the adventures of a future “Horatio Hornblower” style character called “Admiral ‘Cat’ Catherine Kimbridge”   It’s a scifi adventure series that is chock-full of real-world cutting edge science ranging from VASMR drives powered by liquid fluorine thorium reactors to entangled quantum communications. Add in a six legged cybernetic dog with a passion for chocolate and anything can happen.

2067 was the year I died for the first time… It was painful. Had I known how often I’d be expected to die over the next several millennia, I might have made a stronger effort to stay dead. The year actually started off rather nice. I finished my PhD in high energy physics and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in the United States Air Force. My first posting after the promotion was to the Lunar One Air Base where I worked with my father, Dr. Robert Kimbridge on “The Project.” “The Project” was our name for a VASIMR Ion Drive interplanetary space craft that used Thorium LFTR reactors for both shielding and power. Capable of a sustained point one G of acceleration, our prototype was expected to make the Mars run in less than a week. By the end of November the ESX Arizona was ready for her first trial runs and I was her pilot. History has an odd way of repeating itself.

Edited by: andrewbeery on Oct 27, 2012 5:44 PM”

Guest No. 7:  Rose Carter

“The Private Island

The Private Island has no locksmith because no one ever locks their doors, their cars or their motorbikes. There has never been any crime on the Private Island, so there’s never been any need for a police station, either.

The Private Island is, in fact, a murderer’s paradise…”

Guest No. 8:  Dilsher Singh and Upreet Dhaliwa

“We have this new story book . You can include it on the blog the link to amazon is

Guest No. 9: Benjamin Loveless

“To God be the Glory-divine poetry”

Guest No. 10:  Dennis Synder

“Personal Vengeance, a story of murder, revenge and forgiveness. Pastor Mike McIntrye, aka Mac, is out for some revenge after his wife of 15 years is brutally murdered by an outlaw motorcycle gang. He learns how to fight and shoot. He discovers what an outlaw motorcycle gang is all about. This book shows the depth one can go when all they can think about is getting revenge.

“Great characters with such realistic pain and situations. Makes you wonder what you would do if faced with just such a time in your life. Excellent book on life changing moments. I believe people will truly feel what the main character, Mac is going through. You will see a man who is at his lowest, and how the power of God’s healing touch can work through even the most hardened of hearts. Some scary motorcycle gang action, but this adds to the true feeling of this amazing book. More, please, Dennis Snyder. Your writing is awesome!!!” KAREN MALENA, author of the Son of Mine series”

Guest No. 11: Michael Burnside

Prey for the Vampire

In the country town of Gowanshire during the later half of the 19th Century, Christopher Hoggons, a retired doctor from London, visits his nephew, Richard; the new police sergeant of the town. However, Richard has not been finding his new role quite as easy as he hoped.

Slaughtered farm animals, missing daughters and a horrific murder have all lead the town’s folk to doubt Richard’s ability as sergeant. Suspicious minds and town gossip also point to the Baron, recently returned from travels in Eastern Europe. Could it be a man, like a Baron is responsible for the torment of Gowanshire?

A Hammer inspired gothic horror novella from Michael Burnside

Guest No. 12: 

Thank you for the offer! Free for the rest of Today (October 28)


Teloria, a world on the brink of chaos, is thrust into turmoil ten years after a deadly and magical plague ravaged the populace. The same dark forces that caused the plague seek to cleanse the land, whittling the population down in attempt to restore what they perceive as a balance between life and magic. They will stop at nothing to rid the world of the undeserving masses that suck Teloria dry of their precious Orbis, the fuel behind magic.

Aeron inadvertently triggers off a series of events that lead Teloria onto a path of self destruction. His complex friendship forever changes the world, bringing new life to prophecies that have lain dormant for over a millennium.

See Fairies like you’ve never seen them before and delve into an adventure that will feed your imagination. Find out what The Dragon Seed Legacy is all about, Onyx Plague is only the beginning.

Guest No. 13:

My books are

And The History of the Dochani is free on Nov. 2 to Nov. 4, 2012.

Guest No. 14:

Hi, dear friend, here is my link to Life after Life, a short and exciting story about life changes and lessons –

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Guest No. 15:


Guest No. 16:

I have just published ‘A Construct of Angels’ , a supernatural romance, on Amazon. I’d welcome you mentioning the book on your website. Thanks!

Guest No. 17:

If you are still doing this

Tamara had no idea what would happen when she agreed to go to Earth. But when Rogan ,the dark wizard, unleashes his powerful forces, Tamara faces the greatest challenge of her life. To save Warven, the last kingdom of Lira, Tamara must find the courage to do what she fears most…

Guest No. 18:

Thank you. Here’s mine:

Tainted Legacy:
A corpse and a million dollars in missing jewels—and Sid Langdon is tapped to find the answers by the very man who may be responsible for both! It’s Sid’s first case—it might well be his last!

Guest No. 19:

Thank you so much for this.

Also, my own blog:


Add your books now! You are very much welcome here!

Guest No. 20: Roberta Kagan

During the Nazi occupation, bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid, waging their own private war against Hitler’s tyrannical, and murderous reign. Among these Resistance Fighters, there were groups of Romany people (gypsies).The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with Romance, and spiced with the magic of the Gypsy culture.It takes place in Poland during the time of the Third Reich, while World War Two was raging. This is a tale of a people who would rather die, than surrender their freedom.Enter into a little known world, where only a few have traveled before… The world of the Romany.If you enjoy romance, secret magical traditions, riveting action, and steamy sex….you will love “The Heart of A Gypsy.”Guest No. 21: Two of my eBooks are available for FREE download from Amazon on October 29 & 30, 2012 from the links as given below. I invite you to download them on your Kindle or PC or any other appropriate device:1, Good People (Dream of a Boundary Less World)- a novel on refreshingly different subject of relevance/irrelevance of organized religions):USA, India & others

2. Essentials of Time Management (Taking Control of Your Life)- an authentic self-hrlp book:

USA, India & others


Thanks & regards.

Guest No. 22:

Read the No. 1 “Hot New Release in Teen Sports” on!


“A Triumph Over Gravity!”

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon retells the story of Maggie Steele, a gutsy, grief-stricken farm girl from tiny Grain Valley, Kansas, who pours her broken heart into the daring and dangerous sport of pole-vaulting. Driven by a secret that she dare not share with anyone, Maggie struggles over many obstacles as she attempts to soar waaay higher than her critics think a girl should ever go. Gripping in its portrayal of a teenager’s grief and thrilling in its vivid descriptions of the exciting sport of pole-vaulting, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is an inspiring and uplifting read!

The nation’s top Pole-Vaulters and Sports Journalists are cheering for Maggie!

“I myself experienced loss when I was a young girl. Sports were my outlet and helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. This book captured me cover to cover. I highly recommend Maggie Vaults Over the Moon!” –Becky Holliday, Team USA Pole-Vaulter, USA Olympic Trials Silver Medalist, and Finalist at the 2012 London Olympics.

The nation’s foremost Female Sports Journalist and Author:

“This inspiring book comes along at a perfect time, on the 40th anniversary of Title IX and in the same year as women athletes dominated the 2012 London Olympics. Girls who play sports and the coaches and families who support them will thoroughly enjoy Grant Overstake’s warm, uplifting story. After reading it, we’ll all wish we were pole vaulters like Maggie.” –Christine Brennan, USA Today Sports Columnist, ABC News commentator and best-selling author of Inside Edge and Best Seat in the House.

About the Author
Former Miami Herald Sports Writer Grant Overstake is a lifelong participant in the sport of track and field who competed in the decathlon for the University of Kansas Jayhawks. A multiple award winner for excellence in journalism, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is the author’s premiere work of sports fiction.



Book Website:

Guest No. 23:

The Battle for the Ringed Planet (military science fiction)
Battle weary soldier Torian crash lands on a planet with a dead colony city where everyone mysteriously died. He encounters a lone survivor, a girl who hears voices. There is something special about the colony because suddenly two star fleets converge and land troops. Through battles on land and in space, Torian fights engineered marines, cyborgs, and deadly robots with an uncooperative girl in tow who harbours a deadly secret.

The Heidelberg Hotel (YA suspense, drama)
Loran witnesses a classmate abducted on a school trip to a big city and races in a stolen car to save her. Temporarily freeing the girl, they both race to hide from the abductors in an abandoned hotel in the middle of winter. Can they keep ahead of a murderous gang and stay alive?

The Secret of Saartown (YA suspense, mystery)
Troy moves to a boring New England small town away from all his friends in the big city, but there is something amiss about the place. He meets a girl who wants to leave, and after a weekend trip back to the city, they are shunned by the town and their school; trapped. When the girl reveals a hidden secret, they discover the sinister truth and must find a way to escape or pay with their lives.

Guest No. 24:

Here are the works I have available on Amazon. Thank you for this publicity.

Randy Attwood
Kansas City

Guest No. 25:

[b]A Girl and Her Monster (Rune Breaker 1)[/b]
by Landon Porter
Genre: Heroic Fantasy / Adventure / Dungeonpunk

There is a legend in this world of a weapon that only the most wicked of souls seek. It has passed down through the years since before the coming of the gods and each time it’s been found, it granted its master the power to conquer. The power to rule. In the past, it was known by another name, but now it is only known by Rune Breaker.

After decades of dormancy, it just found a new master.

Only this time, things will be different. The new master of the Rune Breaker is an escaped slave-soldier of the Hailene Army of Ascendancy. She never sought the weapon. She does not want to conquer or rule.

Making that choice won’t be easy, for the Rune Breaker is not a sword or bow, but a man; a shapeshifting mage bound to serve whoever finds him as punishment for his ancient crimes. And his sentence has done nothing to reform him. Now, with a villain from before history bound to serve a heroic soul, the question must be answered: Can evil be turned to the cause of good, or is the taint of darkness all corrupting and absolute?

Before they can find out, they must brave a world alien to both of them and the attentions of a foe who stalks them in hopes of gaining access to a power beyond the gods.

Collects the first book of the web serial novel, Rune Breaker by Landon Porter.

Guest No. 26

Hi Mary, thats a really great selfless offer would you add mine to your site please?

Thank you very much


Guest No. 27

Thank you. The link is and is for The Silk Code, winner of the Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction of 1999, and recently reissued as an “author’s cut” ebook on Kindle.

“As a genre-bending blend of police procedural and science fiction, The Silk Code delivers on its promises.” — Gerald Jonas, The New York Times Book Review

Guest No. 28

Thanks so much for this! This is an entirely new take on the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy!

My blog:


Guest No. 29

A great book to read

Happy reading

Guest No. 30

Hello, Mary.
Thanks for your offer to post recently published books. Here’s a summary of the book and related links. Thank you!

“SOLD: Don’t Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness” will teach you how to navigate the techniques, tricks, and gimmicks that marketers use to convince you to shop, spend, and buy.

The marketing techniques used by businesses to often appeal to emotional weaknesses and the natural desire for happiness. Consumers of all backgrounds are fooled into making poor buying choices, which often lead to financial problems.

The billions of dollars spent on advertising, marketing research, and sales training provide a tremendous advantage to marketers and leave you, the consumer, vulnerable.

“SOLD: Don’t Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness” helps to level the marketing playing field for consumers of all backgrounds.

You will learn:

  • How to become smarter about spending, shopping, and buying
  • 38 marketing techniques used to sell to you
  • How to deal with salespeople, advertisements, and marketing gimmicks
  • How to buy using the seven simple steps of the Consumer Buying Process
  • Why marketing that appeals to emotions works
  • The connection between marketing techniques and the Seven Deadly Sins
  • How to identify the types of purchases that can contribute to lasting happiness
  • This book is for any person – regardless of age, education, or financial background – who
  • wants to avoid the consequences of unwise purchases.

This book is also a useful tool for young adults, recent graduates, couples, families with
children of all ages, and anyone trying to save for retirement, college, or a major purchase such as a house or car.

Published by Blackburn Point Press, LLC

Guest No. 31
Guest No. 32
Allow me to jump on the bandwagon! with his hands in the cookie jar… well, almost. When a woman suspects the man in her life of infidelity, it’s Cassidy Fields he needs to be on the watch for. As a very specialized private investigator, she’ll study her subject then turn all her womanly wiles on him to see if he’ll stray. 98% of the time they do. But when Cassidy’s brother is murdered and the lead cop on the case is one of her unfaithful victims, will he block Cassidy from finding the truth? As secret after secret is unveiled, can Cassidy hide just who her brother was from her mother? Will the cop she once caught in the act turn her eye and catch her? Find out in Playing Fields.Thank you!
Guest No. 33
Ghost Cabin FREE short story Great for Halloween.When Dan Crenshaw asked the town Marshal for help in stopping the rustlers that were about to ruin his ranch, the man refused but jokingly suggested that maybe the old man that lived in the falling down cabin on Cedar Creek might help him. Desperate for help, Dan called on the old man, someone that no one had ever met because he had the annoying habit of disappearing whenever anyone came near. Dan didn’t get to meet the man either, but from the start there were things going on that he Could not understand, along with the realization that he had set something loose that he or no one else could control, and there was going to be hell to pay.
Guest No. 34
ThanksFiction The Ring Bang textbook out of print now in Kindle edn
Enzymes in Industry and Medicine
Guest No. 35
Thanks Mary,Fabric of Man – Techno-thriller about stealing blood from the Shroud of Turin, the purported burial cloth of Jesus Christ, to clone whoever it is. The book also follows the Shroud as it journeys through past 750 years. If you like Crichton and Dan Brown, this is right up your alley.,
Guest No. 36
I just recently re-leased the memoir that I had published in 2004 called Yesterday’s Warrior on Kindle. Kindle wasn’t even around the first time I did this:) Would love it if you would feature it:, I wrote a parenting book that combines my experience as both a mother with my education as a psychologist. It’s called “The Mommy Psychologist” and you can find it here: for doing this!!!Sincerely,
Heather Harrison

Guest No. 37
Guest No. 38 short story about a young girl faced with unimaginable tragedy.

I was near the Twin Towers on the fateful day that they burned to the ground.

I watched them fall and was enveloped by the chaos.

Amidst The Chaos is a short book detailing my experience on September 11th, 2001.

Thank you!

Guest No. 39
Thanks a lot for this – my link is

Guest No. 40

Emma Price


P.O. Box 1506

Gardena, CA 90249

Portia’s Incredible Journey <>


Guest No. 41

“The Metaphysics and Science of Mormonism.”

by Dan Brooks


FREEBIES at Netcreations

At Netcreations blog, you can check out what are the freebies that I wanted to give for everyone who loves my books. You can see at the upper-right corner of my blog is the FREEBIES page. There are three things that you can enjoy from these freebies. First and foremost, you can enjoy the actual Amazon Kindle E-books for FREE but you need to see how you can get it. Second, you can have the actual ready-to-print pdf (portable document file) of a coloring book of your selected title from the list of available coloring books. It is free to distribute too but not for sale. Third, you can have the actual ready-to-print pdf file of the ebook you have purchased but this one is not free to distribute. It is strictly not for distribution and not for sale. I have spent my time preparing these goodies for all of you to enjoy so please take this opportunity.

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Not-Like-Us Halloween Treat Series

Experience the dark side of my creations. This series is made for Halloween 2012. It embarks mystery and suspense stories about Not-Like-Us or shall we say – paranormal beings. My target audience are teenagers who loves thrilling and extraordinary adventures. My original list has ten titles but due to time constraints, it boiled down to five titles only. If you love this series, please make some comment here requesting for the rest of the series and I will finish this series. So, here we go:

1. Hide-and-Seek Game

Do you want to play hide-and-seek outside in the dark? Look whom you might play with. Read this story about a child abducted by the unknown and enter into another world of Not-Like-Us. They are living with us. They are just around us – Unseen. Have a happy hallow ween reading this creepy e-book. BUY NOW FOR $3.44

2. The Smell of Death

Have you smelled some strange stench? If other people can smell it too and only in some particular spot, do you think it is something fishy? Check out this mystery and suspense short story about the Smell of Death. BUY NOW FOR $3.44

3. Winged Blood Sucker

Based on true incidents, a winged blood sucker has preyed on its victim. Vampires are indeed true but in different shape and species. Read on this thrilling and suspense discovery about this rare endangered being. BUY NOW FOR $3.44

4. Impostor

He is not the person whom you think he is. He is somehow called – the Impostor. He can take anything you have physically or even your identity. Please feel the thrill and the chill of this suspense-mystery story about one of the Not-Like-Us. Happy Halloween!

5. Mysterious Jar

This is already submitted but due to Amazon Kindle review time changes, we need to wait until 7 days before it will be published. A mysterious antique jar has been broken and some hidden Not-Like-Us has been set free. Read on what entails with the liberation.

Initially, these titles are available in full text edition. Possibly, next coming Halloween 2013, there will be “with illustrations edition”.

Coming Titles for Halloween 2013

Please put some comments on this article if you like these titles to be published much earlier.

6. The Magic Touch

7. Invisible Noises

8. River of Death

9. Ghost Writer

10. The Innocents

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Toddler’s Vocabulary Booster Series

Toddlers are beginning to talk and they need more words to fuel their language skills and speech development. This new “Toddler’s Vocabulary Booster Series” will help your toddlers to know different things: what are their names, how they are called and how it looks like. It includes the following titles:
1. Fruits

Kindle – Basic Set $3.44 | Kindle – Complete Set $3.45

2. Vegetables

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete Set $5.74

3. Foods

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

4. Toys

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

5.  Transportation

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

6. Time

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

7. Days in a Week

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

8. Months
Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

9. Seasons and Weather Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74
10. Hobbies

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

11. Rooms in the House

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

12. Holidays Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

13. Verb

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

14. Adjectives

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

15. Prepositions

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74
16. Flowers

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

17. Musical Instruments

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

18. Professionals

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

19. Places in the City

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74

20. Sports

Kindle – Basic Set $3.45 | Kindle – Complete set $5.74


These are all the books for the Toddler’s Vocabulary Booster Series. It comes into two versions: the Basic Set and the Complete Set. Soon, these books will be translated into four different languages: German, Spanish, Italian and French

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Baby’s Unspoken Stories Series

This third series of books is about possible unspoken stories of a baby. It is about a baby’s adventure from inside the womb until he or she is capable of thanking his or her parents. Basically, these stories are dedicated to all babies, mothers and mother-to-be. Graders may be able to read this by themselves however, it is also good to read this book series with your babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It will give them an idea how they possibly feel when they are younger or when they are inside the womb. Most of these stories are funny and surely it will amuse your children. The titles that are included in this book series are the following:

1. The Day When I was Born


2. My Sleepy Days

My Sleepy Days


3. Mama, I Want to Tell You


4. My Carefree Days with the Stroller


5. My Struggle to Achieve Balance


6. My Quest to Escape from the Prison Crib


7. My Adventure Inside the Jungle House


8. My Innocence Makes Mama Smiles


9. I Love You Mama


10. The Indestructible Gifts that my Beloved Parents Gave Me


This book series is available in English language only. However, I will be translating it into four languages soon particularly German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and French. It comes into two versions too: the FULL TEXT EDITION and the FULLY ILLUSTRATED. The FULL TEXT EDITION can be taken as FREE. Enable to get it free, please check the schedule at this link

The Adventure of Water Droplets Series

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This series of books is about a water droplet named Willy. He has many great adventures where he has learnt so many things about life and nature. This is intended for graders who can read by themselves or it can be for your toddlers and preschoolers but you need to read for them for the meanwhile. It consists of the following titles:

1. The Water Cycle

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

2. The Four Seasons

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

3. The Journey Inside a Tree

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

4. Mister Hurricane and Mister Thunderstorm

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

5. The Water Recycle

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

6. The Underwater World

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

7. Expedition to the Center of the Earth

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

8. Mister Volcano and Mister Tsunami

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

9. Odyssey to the Hemispheres

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

10. The Space Traveler Water

Kindle Full Text Edition $3.44 | Kindle Fully Illustrated $5.72 | Paperback Fully Illustrated $10.00

For the meantime, this series is available in English only. However, I am looking forward that this will be translated into different languages. Each title comes with two versions namely: Full Text Edition and Fully Illustrated. Obviously, Full Text Edition means it contains only text or words while Fully Illustrated means most of the text are illustrated. You can read this series with Amazon Kindle or buy the paperback version. I know you want something for FREE and it is possible by checking my lens at squidoo

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Baby’s First Books Series

Net Creations’ first creation is a series of children’s books that introduces the basic concept for babies ages 0 to 2 years old. It has 10 books included in the series namely: (Please click the link to view and purchase the books)

1. Shapes and Colors

Basic Concept  $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

2. Opposites

Basic Concept $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept  $7.00

3. Parts of the Face

Basic Concept $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept  $7.00

4. Parts of the Body

Basic Concept $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

5. Numbers and Counting

Basic Concept $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept  $7.00

6. Emotions and Feelings

Basic Concept  $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

7. Alphabets in Actions

Basic Concept $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

8. Four Seasons’ Baby’s Clothes

Basic Concept  $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

9. Family and Friends

Basic Concept  $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

10. Daily Activities

Basic Concept  $3.44 | Advanced with Activities $4.59 | Paperback – Basic Concept $7.00

This series is available in four languages namely: Italian, Spanish, French and English. Likewise, it is available in two versions: Basic Concept and Advanced with Activities. The Basic Concept version introduces the main content to your children while the Advanced with Activities includes some interactive and engaging activities with your baby. The readers can read these books using their Amazon Kindle or they can buy the paperback version. If you want it FREE, please wait for the schedule of Free Kindle E-book each month that is posted at and you will catch the Basic Concept Version for FREE.