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Author’s Interview for the Month of October 2014

orit visel

Orit Visel

Interviewer: What motivates you to write the book “Mosquitoes’ Favorite Kid”?

Orit: My son, Shir, is 7 years old boy and sometimes it seems to me that All of the mosquitoes in the world likes him- and only him… He was my inspiration for the story cause as the hero of the story, there is nothing that we tried to prevent him stung, and every time we are confident we have found a solution to the stings suddenly, appears another mosquito and it continues to be stung…

Interviewer: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Orit: I always wrote articles, poems and more. I own a big beauty website which I edit as well. I also write a Beauty Blog and more – all in Israel and published in Hebrew. Since I became a mother, my 2 sons were asking for bedtime stories and I found myself often make up stories’ that the want me to tell them again and again’ therefore, I decided to write those stories.

Interviewer: Who or what was your inspiration for writing?

Orit: I try to look at the world with my kid’s point of view. In addition, as my profession is a makeup artist, I try to understand the beauty and grooming world by kid’s eyes. Since I have only boys, I try to think like a little girl

Interviewer: Why readers must read your book?

Orit: I believe that my books are talking to children in a very familiar and friendly language. I believe that children have ideas that can teach us, the adults, quite a lot’ and can make us think. In the past year I listened to my kids and surprisingly, I heard a lot of things from which I took inspiration for my books. So I believe that children (and her parents) will be easy to identify with the stories I write, Part of them will find themselves inside of the stories, so they will read it over and over.

Interviewer: While writing your book, how do you feel about it?

Orit: I love the whole process of creating a book! From the general idea, through its development into a text to the finishing touches, it’s very exciting to me time after time!

Interviewer: What do you expect the reader’s reaction after reading your book?

Orit: I expect they would identify with the character in the book and I hope to be able to deliver the character’s experiences, feelings and excitements to the child who reads the book (or the child that somebody reads the book for him/her)

Interviewer: Do you have any message for the prospective readers of your book?

Orit: There is a whole “world of children” hiding out there, all we need is just to open our ears, listen and discover a whole new field that for now is not familiar to us, the adults. I found it exciting to me , and I believe This could further excite young readers and their parents of course!

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Mosquitoes’ Favorite Kid – Guest Author for the Month of October 2014


This is the first book that we have finished working together with my hubby. I did the drawings and he did the coloring and finishing touches – highlighting and shadowing. Perfection is more observed and the quality is more improved. Great teamwork, I can say. Our guest author has a great idea of a book about how to drive away the mosquitoes. Certainly, it is a must-read book. Please check out again this blog for the link where it can be bought. 🙂