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Cherry, the Hamster and her Space Adventure – My Latest Book under



This is my latest creation entitled Cherry, the Hamster and her Space Adventure. It will be published soon (in a matter of two weeks) at – What is by the way? It is an indie ebook publishing platform exclusive for children’s books and much more – all the books here are for FREE. That’s a big WOW! A big hurray for Sir Jimmy Mayal who has conceptualized this promising website for all authors and dear young readers that books will be available for every children throughout the world. will be available in mobile apps from your OS appstore. More details will be coming up as soon this new grandeur site will be up very soon.

So back to Cherry, the Hamster! Who is she by the way? Obviously, she is a hamster and she has a Cherry colored fur. It looks so intriguing to see this hamster with an alien and they are in space. Please check it out her first adventure at the outer space. Watch out for this amazingly illustrated new book with beautiful outer space scape and their furry characters. Finally, illustrations are done digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop.


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Victoria and Veronica’s Sharing is Caring – Guest Author for the Month of May 2013


This is one of my favorite projects from my client Robin Mystery who became a good friend of mine. It is a story about two girls Victoria and Veronica sibling and their magical cookies. I enjoyed every bit of the time that I have illustrated this book. Starting from the sketches, background 3d rendering, shadowing and highlighting, my client has allowed me to take my time in illustrating it at my own comfortable pace. He wanted delightful illustrations with the joyful disposition of the artist. Thus, you can expect that the illustrations in this book are happier mode.

Coming up is my interview with the author of this book that will be viewed on this blog soon.

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Lovely Valentines Stories

For this month Valentines celebration, the Lovely Valentine Stories series offers you stories that will inspire your children to create something special for their special someone. Special someone is not necessarily their girlfriend or boyfriend but possibly someone that is dearly needed to be cheered up and be thank with.

1.) Baby’s First Valentines – This is a  story about Baby (our character from Baby’s First Book) who celebrates his first Valentines. (Available now in Kindle)


2.) My Sister’s Valentino – When we say “Valentino”, it means another person of opposite gender or a male. So, who is possibly Baby’s sister’s Valentino? So please check it out. (Available now in Kindle)


3.) My Brother’s Valentina – Valentines celebration is such a special day for Valentinas. Most of them are excited with the gift of flowers and box of chocolates from their Valentinos. Guess who is the Valentina of Baby’s brother? (Available now in Kindle)


4.) How Mom Says Happy Valentines – Do your Mom says Happy Valentines day to you? There are many ways to express these two wonderful words. Please check it out. (Available now in Kindle)


5.) How Dad says Happy Valentines –  Men and especially busy Dad are not made to be so expressive with their feelings. However, with some exemption, there are few men who find their way to say it in a very special way. (Available now in Kindle)


These Lovely Valentine Stories hopefully will bring inspirations and motivations among the young generation about the true meaning of Valentines.

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Unlocking the Twelve Gift of Talents Series

Dear Beloved Readers,

I do believe that you have something wonderful within you.

I do believe that there is something beautiful that you can contribute to this world.

I do believe that you can start discovering right now.

I do believe that if you continue uncovering this tiny spark of greatness,

You will be one of the shining stars in heaven.

I do believe that you can succeed whatever endeavor you choose as long as you have focus and perseverance.

Please be inspired with this magical story about unlocking the gifts of talents

but remember that the true magic is when you create something out from what you have.

As you read along the story, the secret of unlocking the twelve gifts of talents will be revealed.

Unlocking the Twelve Gift of Talents Series is a motivational story about twelve tree house friends who found magical seeds. Join them as they build their tree house, plot their magical garden and cultivate their individual talents. Check out what they harvest from the magical seeds they have sown. Here comes the new series:

Book 1 – The First Gift (Available now in Kindle)

Book 2 – The Second Gift

Book 3 – The Third Gift

Book 4 – The Fourth Gift

Book 5 – The Fifth Gift

Book 6 – The Sixth Gift

Book 7 – The Seventh Gift

Book 8 – The Eighth Gift

Book 9 – The Ninth Gift

Book 10 – The Tenth Gift

Book 11 – The Eleventh Gift

Book 12 – The Twelfth Gift