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Author’s Interview for the Month of September 2017


Interviewer: What motivated you to write the book?

Sheila: I had been reading several academic works and I really missed reading fiction books. When I finished working on my Ph.D. dissertation, I had the story, “Wind in my Hair” in my head. I really needed to put this story on paper and share it with the world.

Interviewer: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Sheila: I started teaching business courses at Hodges University and being a substitute teacher for both elementary and high school in the Collier County School District. It was at that time, I wanted to share the gifts of teaching and writing with others.

Interviewer: Who was the inspiration of writing your story?

Sheila: My son, Sean Ghamami, is my inspiration. I wanted him to carry on my love of life and thirst for adventure.

Interviewer: Why readers must read your book?

For adults, it will remind them of simpler times and how life is full circle. For children, it will allow them to dream and realize anything is possible.

Interviewer: When writing your book, how did you feel?

I cried a lot. The story is so touching and heart-felt. At the end of the story, I always feel good and appreciate how wonderful life can be.

Interviewer: What do you expect readers reactions after reading your book?

Hopefully, they will be moved and touched by my tale. I hope they read my story over and over again.


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Wind in my Hair

This book is a lovely story of a little boy who has grown up. Surely, it will touch your heart and warm your children’s heart as they will hear about a young boy’s dream and how they make it come true. Perfect book to read at your bedtime stories. Available now at Amazon and G Willikers and RiverRun Bookstores in Portsmouth, NH.